Clinic Staff

Ashley Hyams

Co-Owner Of Hyams Clinic
  • Ashley is the co-owner of Hyams Clinic and also Dr. Hyams' wife. Ashley has been on a Medical Leave since March 2017, but has since made significant progress. Ashley is and always will be a fundamental part of the Hyams Clinic and we hope to have her back in the clinic soon. Ashley plays a huge role in supporting the clinic, and her strength during this time has been our motivation to keep on providing cutting-edge treatments to fight chronic illness.

callum hyams

office Manager

Callum has a background in management and has taken on the role of the Office Manager. His background is mainly in management within the retail sector, but since joining the Hyams Clinic team he has found that he has developed a strong interest in Medical Practice management. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors and exploring Beautiful British Columbia. 

Liesl Debeer

Independent Healthcare Counselor

Independent Mental Health Care Professional
Trained QEEG and Neurofeedback technologist
University of Pretoria South Africa – Master’s Degree Psychology 1997-2000
University of Stellenbosch – Bachelor’s Degree Psychology 1992-1994

Dr. Aniz Khalfan

Pain anesthetist

Dr. Khalfan is the President Rotary Club of West Vancouver Anaesthesiologist and Pain Management Mount St Joseph Hospital ChangePain Clinic. Dr. Khalfan also does Group Sessions and Trigger Point Injections at the clinic throughout the week and is an excellent consultant for our Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients.